‘Reliable, thorough, and competent.’

‘Bonnie worked for me on a number of academic reports in the area of International Marketing. I was completely satisfied with her proofreading, which was thorough, thoughtful, and effective. She improved the readability of the text, clarifying points without changing the meaning, and she was always willing to give advice on points of English grammar and usage. I would have no hesitation in recommending her proofreading service.’

— madu jayalith


‘Rapid turnaround, professional work.’

‘We worked with Bonnie in 2018 for the proofreading of our new corporate website (www.anelgroup.com). Besides her rapid turnaround and professional work, I really appreciated that she tried to understand our work and the message that we wanted to get across. She asked questions, made many comments and showed us alternative ways of saying things. As a result, we were satisfied with her work and I think we’ll work together again.’

— gökçe babayigit, anel group
corporate communications manager


‘This space is waiting for your testimonial.’

— a huge thank you!